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Don’t be bullied by insurance companies! 

This year we are seeing denied and underpaid claims across the board! Typically, homeowners are being lowballed roughly 30-40% on their roofing claims by insurance companies. Don’t settle for a repair if your roof needs to be replaced. It just takes a few exposed areas on the roof for water to penetrate and destroy the underlayment and sheathing. Make sure that you get a licensed and reputable roofing company to give you an estimate that not only meets HOA requirements but meets Southwest Florida building codes. Read this important article from the Washington Post!

Roof Insurer with Allstate hat has his hands up in the air as if denying covering a roof insurance claim.

Protect your Investment and Know your rights!

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Insurance companies are:

  • Denying claims outright.
  • Cutting checks that won’t cover the roof with the hopes that the homeowner cashes the claim check, thus closing the claim.
  • Telling Homeowners that they must get 3 bids, then approving the lowest bid, regardless of materials used. Don’t forget homeowners are paying the same deductible amount, even if they went with the highest bid. You get what you pay for!
  • Switching desk adjusters and engineers to stall and buy time.
  • Perpetuating the myth that you will lose your insurance because you file or dispute a claim.
  • Telling homeowners that they have to accept the claim offer or risk not getting any payment at all.

Our Process:

  1. Whether you believe you have roof damage or not, it’s important to get your roof checked periodically, especially after a named storm or hurricane.
  2. Give us a call at 239-244-8822, and we will schedule a time to come out and perform a thorough inspection of your roof. This is a free inspection. We take between 100-200 pictures which are shared with the homeowner. These images are yours to keep for your records. 
  3. If there’s no damage, then you’ll feel assured and have a documented record of an inspection by a licensed roofer. If we discover any damage or areas of concern, then we go over your options and provide guidance. You will not be obligated or pressured in any way!
  4. You will receive a full report of any findings that can be submitted to your insurance, if necessary.

Getting Started (Downloadable PDFs):

Meet Your Trusted Roofing Team for Miromar Lakes

Matt Martelli

Lead Sales Representative & Claim Specialist

Matt has your back! With over 7 years of experience educating homeowners and working claims. From Irma to Ian, Matt has worked over 500 claims from those two storms alone. He is well-versed in getting claims adjusted and approved!

Alyssa McGinley-Harrington

Senior Claims Specialist

Alyssa is a claims ninja! With over 12 years of experience as an adjuster for major insurance companies, she decided that her true calling and passion was working as an advocate on behalf of homeowners. She understands the intimidating culture of most insurance companies and how to empower homeowners with the knowledge to get claims paid in full. She is battle tested!

Jerry Brusco

Senior Sales Representative

Jerry is an absolute bulldog! Well-versed in the roofing process, Jerry compliments his teammates in immeasurable ways. When you request a roofing inspection or appointment, Matt and Jerry will be the first two team members you will meet!

Mark Martelli

Sales Representative & Drone Operator

Mark rounds out the team! He not only brings his extensive knowledge of roofing but is a gifted photographer, videographer, and licensed drone operator.

Blake Youngblood

The Young Gun! Blake is a recent graduate of Texas Tech University and has been working in customer service, construction, and quality control positions for over 7 years. He has recently moved to Florida from Texas and is excited to join the team to help with the growing needs of Miromar Lakes!

Your Miromar Team:

(239) 449-9553

Call now for a FREE Estimate!

Resident Testimonials

Cathedral was referred to me by a friend to come out and inspect my roof for hurricane damage. At no charge to me, the owner got up on my roof and gave me a thorough inspection. My roof was fine and needed no attention. It’s a rarity in FL, but I felt like I was dealing with a very honest company. I will be using them in the future for any roofing needs. Thank you.”

– Nicholas Boss

Frequently Asked Questions

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One of the great things about our company is that all our service trucks are fitted with debris haulers. This means when we leave each day, we take the mess with us.

There is not much you need to do. Upon arrival, our crew will remove patio/outside furniture and tarp the area to protect vegetation, landscaping, and/or patio surfaces. The only thing I would suggest as a precaution is that interior/exterior fragile wall hangings and collectibles be removed from the wall prior to the start of your roof replacement/repair.

As with any construction project, please be cautious when walking through the area. While we make every effort to keep the area clean, it is possible to have small materials that could be stepped on.

Normally the process takes just a few days after we receive your notarized NOC.

Right now, it takes about 6 to 8 weeks. We are experiencing delays with all tile manufacturers that could delay your installation.

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